Triple Wave

As part of my digital portfolio, I created a logo. Between my first and last initial are three simple waves. Together, the waves create an abstract e for my middle name, Elizabeth.

A powerful force of nature, waves are often used to symbolize the ebb and flow of life. The waves in my logo represent my strength through the good and the bad. As I continue to float along in life the challenges and triumphs I face will nurture me into the woman I aspire to be.


Using Adobe Photoshop, I designed a graphic representation of my three initials, K.E.M. Simple and unique, my logo emulates my style and personality.

“There is such solace in the mere sight of water. It clothes us delicately in its blowing salt and scent, gossamer items that medicate the poor soul.” - On Canaan's Side, by Sebastian Barry.


  • + Project: Logo
  • + Client: Kelly Elizabeth Morris
  • + Skill: Photoshop