Piping Clover Bed & Breakfast

In my Multimedia Writing for Public Relations course, I learned the fundamentals of public relations writing. I learned professional writing essentials including, formatting, organization and punctuation. As part of the curriculum, I was required to develop a client to write for throughout the semester. I created Piping Clover, a coastal bed and breakfast.

Multimedia Writing

Not only did this course fine-tune my AP style skills, it challenged me to think outside the box. The people, events and business were created by me. I used inspiration from home as well as real-life situations to create this portfolio. Here is a collection of multimedia writing samples I completed over the semester.

Inside you will find

  • + Backgrounder
  • + News Feature
  • + Feature
  • + Media Advisory
  • + Memo


Piping Clover Bed & Breakfast is not an actual business. It was created by me, and used as a proof-of-concept. The purpose of this is to display my understanding of multimedia writing.

  • + Project: Media Kit
  • + Client: Piping Clover Bed & Breakfast
  • + Skills: AP Style